A snake in the pants

We all heard different synonyms for our penises during our lives. And one is for certain – the only real snake in the pants can be caused by Cobra pills. Now this is nothing for those who fear to see the best results, since cobra is advanced Viagra with more Sildenafil. You might be even wondering if the body will take such pill and make something out of it. However, if you want to have those results, you need a big pill for that – or snake, it depends.

Sexuality is the evergreen

It has been a big topic in almost every day of every age. From antics to the modern day, there has always been some wise man, wrapped in cloth and claiming to cure impotency with pig shit. We’ve come a long way from snake tails and tiger paws, straight to cobra pills (sounds weird and similar to tiger paws). There is a strange phenomenon going on – we now have a cure and a technique for almost everything that even slightly related to sex, but we tend to put the word SEX into one big “taboo” so we don’t have to blush at public. When you buy Cobra pills, you should use them proudly, since you are saying out loud that YOU are bringing the biggest snake ever BACK into the GAME.

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